Judith Davis
May 01, 1992  

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I was just thinking about all the trails in this life and I can only think of one that matters most.  That’s the trail of a true human being.  I think Judy was on that trail and it was wonderful to see.  When she was born, the good Lord embodied in her the blessing of humanity, and over the years of her young life, he seasoned her with great wisdom that has undoubtedly touched us all.  He went on to give her other great values of life to make her ‘oh so complete.’  He gave her the endurance and ruggedness of an explorer to be able to make prompt decisions under pressure.  Yet, he also gave her the heart and soul of a poet to reflect the gentleness needed to make her decision worthy.  ‘Don’t you see?’  He thought so much of her he gave her complete dominion over kindness and understanding.  As a bonus, given by special appointment, He appointed her guardian of compassion.  It is most evident that His love has allowed her to give life continuity, purpose, sense of direction and meaning.  The power of conviction may have showed her the way, but it was grace that taught this lovely young lady’s heart to feel.  The special and unmeasurable honor of just knowing her is one I’ll be forever proud of.  All the great scholars and poets of yesterday and today, along with all their special and highly selective words of love and compassion, would still fall short of an exact description of her.  That’s because God made Judy comparable to no other -----

In Loving Memory of Judith Marion Davis
Love Forever,

Uncle Paul