Anita Allan
July 12, 1988  

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Mom was only 62 when she was killed.  At the time she had 6 children and 10 grandchildren.  There are now 16 grandchildren and even several great-grandchildren.  You can see by her smiling face that she was a warm, caring and loving person.  She was remarkable.  She raised her children pretty much by herself.  Things weren’t perfect, but we did put the “fun” in dysfunctional families.  She taught us a great deal in life.  I remember her telling me when I was young things like “This, too, shall pass” and “If you don’t know how to cry, you would never be able to appreciate laughter.”  She never knew how much her death would make me appreciate the laughter. She loved life and she loved to laugh.  Some of my favorite memories are of her laughing at things in life – sometimes laughing so hard that tears would stream down her cheeks. I know that she watches over us and is present at all life changing events.  We still miss her – even 19 years later.